Why should you choose our legal process service in
the State of Massachusetts?

Our licensed process servers will serve your papers fast, always respecting local laws and
procedures regarding service of proces.  We will  ensure that your defendants get served with your
summons and complaint properly and timely.

We serve your documents in Lawrence, Lowell, Andover, Manchester and Boston areas within 1-5
days at very low fees. We are duly licensed by the State of Massachusetts to serve the following:

1-Family Court papers: Child support petitions, child visitation petitions, child custody petitions,
spouse support petitions, orders of protection and paternity petitions

2-Landlord/Tenant papers: Notice to Tenant, Eviction proceedings , Non-payment petitions,etc.

3-Summons and Complaints: Civil court summonses, citations, writs, complaints, judgments, court
orders, subpoenas, etc.

4-Federal Court and Supreme Court papers: Federal subpoenas, complaints, summonses,
out-of-state pleadings, divorce petitions, etc.

5-Small Claims Court: Summonses, Citations, subpoenas and judgments.

6-Capias Arrests: Noitces of Civil Arrests, Warrant Enforcements

7-Out-of-Sate Process: Federal subpoenas, citations, writs, judgments, summonses and other legal

8-Probate Court: Subpoenas, Citations, etc.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us. We assure you that after you try our services
you will be become a satisfied  customer.
Registered Massachusetts Process Server and Constable

Constables Licensed by the State of Massachusetts
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