To: _____________________________________________________ & All other occupants

It being my intention to terminate your tenancy, you are hereby notified to quit and deliver up at the
expiration of that month of your tenancy which shall being next after this date, the premises now held
by you as my tenant, namely:

____________________________________________Apartment # (if applicable)_____________
(Street address)

________________________________________, ___________, ____________
(City)                                                                                          (State)              (Zip)

together with any other space appurtenant thereto.
This is not a judicial document. By Law, a court is the final authority in every eviction and if you
believe you are entitled to remain as my tenant, you or your lawyer may present your case in court.
Also, you must continue to pay your rent for use and occupancy until you leave. Any such payment
shall not cancel or affect this notice.

HEREOF FAIL NOT, or I shall gain authority from the appropriate Court of Law to evict you from the

Landlord / Property Manager

Phone number:_____________________